Helicopter to the Franz Joseph Glacier

Franz Joseph Glacier from helicopter New Zealand

We had the opportunity to take a helicopter up to the top of the glacier while on our trip down the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand and - surprise - I took my camera.

It is frightening to see how fast the glacier is receding - I have been concerned about global warming for some time (one of the reasons I am now in New Zealand), but it is chilling to see an example like this. The glacier used to fill the valley and is now much reduced (and reducing).
I once again felt privileged and more than a little bit sad to think that I might be looking at something that my grandchildren will only read of.

Is this a reason to record it before it is gone, even though flying in helicopters adds to global warming? Of course, this is the paradox of ecotourism and better than I have commented extensively on this conundrum./p>
Given that the pictures were taken through a helicopter canopy I was pleased with the results. I used a polarising filter to cut through the Plexiglas and high shutter speeds to reduce the problems inherent in sitting in a vibrating, moving collection of nuts and bolts.

Because this was a tourist trip, there is always a certain amount of jostling for the prime seats and often the canopy is not a gleaming freshly polished window - this is where the polarising filter comes into its own.