New Zealand Landscapes

A (growing) collection of images taken around New Zealand. They include parts of New Zealand that are off the beaten track as well as images from the Manawatu and are not necessarily the iconic images, so often replicated.


Everybody loves a beach. It's some atavistic thing to do with us emerging from the brine a few short millennia ago. And the smell...




Sir Peter Jackson created Hobbiton as a set for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy near Mata Mata in New Zealand. It has since become a mecca for those who love the movies, almost by accident.


Images of people from my travels. Some are very old and taken on old-fashioned film! I love interacting with people on my wanderings and trying to capture their spirit. Although I aspire to landscape photography,  portraiture is my first love.

Fort Churchill 1961

My father was the CO of the hospital in Fort Churchill for a time. These are some of the images that I have rescued. Time has not treated them well but I think they are a fascinating record of a place and time that has changed in many ways.


I feel into diving on a whim and then inexorably down the rabbit hole of underwater photography. I found that I loved diving and the challenges of underwater photography in those days (shooting on film) were huge.

Black & White

Because we see in colour, black & white images force us to re-evaluate. Tonality and composition become paramount, often emphasising elements that you miss in colour.  I am increasingly gravitating back to it.

Nepal 2016

I returned to Nepal in 2016, giving a lecture, meeting the Prime Minister and trekking to the Kingdom of Mustang. Awesome!





I love going to airshows, having seemingly missed out in my childhood. Airshows in New Zealand are a whole 'nother thing. You can get closer to the action and the opportunities for photgraphy are outstanding.

Nepal 1999

Pictures from my first visit to Nepal. Old-fashioned film and subsequently digitised at what would today be considered low res.